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Front Clear Back Golden Standup Pouch


  • 14cm x 20cm
  • 16cm x 24cm
  • 49cm x 37cm

Material:MPET/CPP film.
Color: Golden (Have color difference vary in different batches)
Thickness: 180 Micron
Food Safe: YES
Waterproof: Inside only.
Recyclable: NO
Heat Sealable: YES
Closure: Resealable zipper

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  1. The clear front window design is made up of high quality Nylon..
  2. Since the inside content is easily identifiable, there is no need to open the bags
  3. The sturdy, air-tight ziplock and the smell proof Mylar bags that are resealable ensure that the product lasts through multiple uses
  4. The tear notches allow convenient access to the products when heat sealed. In any retail setting, the bags catch and attract the consumer’s eye.
  5. The bottom gusset of the bags allows them to stand upright for filling, and they fold flat for storage.
  6. The bags are versatile for storing coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, and more, and take up less space on store shelves as well as in storage.
  7. These smell proof Mylar bags keep water, moisture, dust, and odors out.
  8. Designers created them to take up less space on store shelves as well as in storage.
  9. The high quality food grade material makes them up.

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Pouch Size

14cm x 20cm, 16cm x 24cm, 49cm x 37cm


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