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Brown Kraft Paper Standup Resealable Pouch


  • 9cm x 14cm
  • 10cm x 15cm
  • 12cm x 20cm
  • 14cm x 20cm
  • 14cm x 22cm
  • 16cm x 22cm
  • 16cm x 26cm
  • 18cm x 26cm
  • 20cm x 30cm
  • 23cm x 35cm

Material: Kraft/PE/CPP- (2 Layer Pouch)
Thickness: 280 microns
Colour: Brown
Waterproof/Oil-proof: No.
Style: Stand up
Heat seleable: YES
Tear notch: Yes (for easy opening)
Closure: Resealable zipper
Window: Clear

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  • This Pouch is made up of wood pulp extracts which ensures durability¬†
  • The clear window in this product allows you to view the contents inside with ease.
  • Furthermore, the Kraft pouch features a resealable airtight zip-lock closure for easy opening and closing¬†
  • Our pouch effectively protects items from moisture and odor for improved product preservation.
  • Moreover, these paper stand-up pouches can function as bags for bath salts, herbs, and food storage.
  • We equip each bag with a moisture-proof PE inner membrane to keep your products dry and fresh.
  • Furthermore, the lightweight design of the pouch makes it easy to transport
  • Our pouch features an easy U-shaped top opening tearing design.
  • Furthermore, the pouch is heat sealable
  • Our pouch is ideal for packing candy, loose-leaf tea, coffee beans, oats, nuts, cookies, bath salts, spices, and more.

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9cm x 14cm, 10cm x 15cm, 12cm x 20cm, 14cm x 20cm, 14cm x 22cm, 16cm x 22cm, 16cm x 26cm, 18cm x 26cm, 20cm x 30cm, 23cm x 35cm


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