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Aluminium Mylar Standup Pouch


  • 14cm x 20cm
  • 16cm x 24cm
  • 21cm x 31cm

Material: PET/ AL / PE,
Thickness: 280 Micron
Aluminium foil lined and laminated interior
Reusable Ziplock
Can be heat seleable with tear notch
Cannot be used for Oily or liquid Products
For direct contact with food

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  • A food-grade plastic lining separates the aluminum from the food,
  • Oxygen absorbers also prevent the growth of bacteria and extend shelf life.
  • This mylar bag measures 200 microns.
  • The bags reflect light, which extends the food storage time.
  • It is also Waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • The aluminum foil bag will remain dry even if you place it in a damp basement.
  • You can use it to store various food products such as spices,
  • Mylar bags effectively protect against light, moisture, and insects.
  • Their good oxygen barrier allows for the removal of oxygen.
  • The food products’ shelf life is extended by this
  •  You cannot use these aluminum Pouches for oily and liquid products.
  • After opening the bag, heat seal the top shut, package, and then zip up.

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14cm x 20cm, 16cm x 24cm, 21cm x 31cm


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